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Ensure Food Safety with a Food Handling Course

What is food safety, and why is there a lot of focus on food safety nowadays? What are food safety courses, and why is it essential to have trained staff? And how poor hygiene food impacts your health? Here, we will see the food safety course in detail to clear out all your doubts.

Food Handling

The preparation, packaging, storage, distribution, and food sales all come under the broader term food handling. The person who is directly or indirectly involved in any food-related processes is called a food handler.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food safety refers to handling food so that the food doesn’t get contaminated and spread diseases. With the increasing population, the challenges for food industries increase to meet the food safety demands. But if the food handlers are not trained well enough and do not understand the importance of safe and hygienic food, this affects people’s health and ultimately the country’s economy.

Why Do You Need To Ensure Food Safety?

The food industry works to meet the food demands of billions of people each day, and if these food industries don’t take steps to ensure food safety and quality, then the lives of these billions of people are at stake.

Starting from the primary step of preparing food till the final step when it finally reaches the consumer, the food should be contamination-free. Otherwise, it leads to many foodborne diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning, and malnutrition, etc.

Statistic of Foodborne Diseases by WHO

According to WHO, each year worldwide, 600 million cases of foodborne diseases arise and 420,000 deaths. A rough estimation showed that globally 33 million years of healthy lives are lost due to food contamination.

Food Handling Course Malaysia

The purpose of the food handling course Malaysia is to prevent foodborne diseases and improve life quality. Food can get contaminated with microorganisms or chemicals during any stage, so care should be taken while handling food.

If your staff doesn’t ensure food safety and becomes the reason for spreading foodborne diseases, it will compromise the public’s health and impact your business’s name. That’s why it is essential to have skilled staff.

EduFree Academy comes forward with a food handling course that covers all the aspects to avoid food contamination. We train your staff and educate them about the possible ways by which they can play a role in deteriorating the quality of food. We follow all the food regulations and give your staff training following GMP. Having a skilled and professional staff will have a positive impact on your business as well.

Who Should Attend The Food Handling Course Malaysia?

It is commonly mistaken that only the food manufacturing industries and restaurants should be a part of this training. However, everyone who is directly or indirectly a part of food handling should be trained.

The Malaysian government has made food safety a public priority, so food handlers must get their food handling course done or be charged with a penalty.