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Five Reasons for Attending Food Handling Course

The food handling course helps us understand the ways and techniques to handle food safely and the benefits of proper food handling techniques. The ratio of foodborne diseases has been increased drastically in the past few years because of the negligence of food handlers. Also, people weren’t aware of the importance of the food handling course or food safety practices.

If you are related to food either directly or indirectly, you should register yourself or your staff in a food handling course. Here we will discuss five reasons for how it will be beneficial for you.

Safe food handling

If the food is not handled safely, the quality of food is affected. This compromised quality of food affects the health of people, which ultimately increases the burden on the country’s economy.

However, the food handling course teaches the fundamental skill. This course includes lessons about the best ways of safe food handling and the responsibilities of all food handlers to minimize the risk of food poisoning or sickness.

Prevention of disease

Various germs or microorganisms exist in many places around the kitchen and might become the reason for disease spreading—the best way to prevent this by taking preventive measures. The food handling course teaches about all the possible ways to prevent the spread of disease.

Promotes your business

People have become aware of the importance of safe food practices, and they prefer to go to places where hygienic measures are followed. So if your staff has attended a food handling course, they will handle food in safe ways, and you will become people’s first choice for food.

Proactive actions to avoid contamination

There can be hundreds of ways by which food can be contaminated, and the food handling course covers all those parameters and suggest proactive actions to avoid contamination.

Gain basic knowledge of food handling

Most of the people in the food business are not aware of how to handle food. It is important to gain food handling knowledge as it stops and food-related illnesses.

Note: Food hygiene regulations 2009 has made Food handling courses compulsory. The ministry of health Malaysia issued these regulations; the purpose of making it mandatory was to promote food hygiene and prevent foodborne diseases.

What are the duties of food handlers?

When we talk about ‘Food handlers,’ we mean that any person, directly or indirectly involved in the food business. Food handlers are responsible for cooking, packing, distributing, and storing food. They must strictly follow instructions and perform their duties properly to not affect the public’s health.

Responsibilities of food handlers

  • Keep a safe distance with ready-to-eat food.
  • High standard of personal hygiene
  • Wash hands properly before touching any food item.
  • Follow all safe food handling instructions.
  • Properly wash and clean any cooking utensils before using them.
  • Cover their hair properly.

As the world is facing COVID, food handlers must maintain distance and follow SOP. If any of the employees are not feeling well, then they must inform and take leave.

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