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Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Food Handling Certificate

Food handlers are awarded a food handling certificate once they completer the food handling course. If you are in the food business, it is the best way to learn about food safety practices and gain fundamental knowledge about food.

By certifying your staff, you are investing in the long-term health of your business.

Why is food safety training important for food handlers?

Food can get contaminated very easily by the carelessness of food handlers, resulting in serious health consequences. It could either lead to food poisoning or other life life-threatening foodborne diseases.

As the food business owner, you must get your staff trained to maintain an environment where safe food handling is practiced.

Reasons for getting a food handling certificate

Here is why you shouldn’t wait to get a food handling certificate.

Reduced risk of foodborne disease

Harmful microorganisms are everywhere, and we ingest them, they can cause serious health consequences. If the area where food is prepared s not cleans enough, then chances are higher for it to get contaminated with germs.

food handling certificate ensures your staff adopts ways to spread any such foodborne illness.

Knowledge of safe food practices

Even if you have years of experience in the food business, you still might be ignoring some important food safety rules that could become the reason for compromising the health of people. A food handling certificate ensures that food handlers learn all innovative ways to handle food.

Hassle-free visits from the health inspector

The ministry of health has made it mandatory to have a food handling certificate to promote quality of life. So if you get a sudden visit from a health inspector and they find out that you don’t have a certificate, they might

  • Seal your area
  • An issue with court summons
  • Charge you with heavy fine

But a food handling certificate protects you from such situations and makes those visits from inspectors much easier.

Promotes your business

If you are certified, then people ultimately trust you to provide them with clean food. Which not only helps you to gain a good reputation but is a success for your business?

Clean work environment & safe food handling

Once all your staff is certified, they will make sure to keep their food workstations clean at all times. The cleaner the food area is, the healthier it is. Moreover, they will handle food safely than ever, resulting in a positive impact on the public’s health.

Who needs a food handling certificate?

A food handling certificate is a legal requirement now for all food handlers. Anyone linked with cooking, preparing, packing, distributing, and storing food must get a food handling certificate.

If you aren’t a certified food handler yet, then a visit from a health inspector make costs you badly, or they may even close your business permanently. As the ministry of health, Malaysia, has made it mandatory to have a food handling certificate.

How can we help?

Don’t wait until a health inspector visits you; get registered now and get away with your certificate. Because once you have lost your reputation, you might not gain it again. We ensure to train your staff with hygienic measures to serve in the best way and prevent contamination. You can contact us anytime we are available for your service 24/7.