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Food Handling Certificate – Mandatory for All Food Handlers!

Food is a basic need of survival for everyone, so there can be no compromise on food quality. Even the slightest compromise on quality can go a long way and affect so many people. If you are into the food business, you would not want to become part of such malpractices that affect people’s health.

Certified food companies in Malaysia

Today all food companies and restaurants are moving towards getting certified to serve their customers with premium quality food. But the question here is, are you a certified company yet? Because you would not want to stay behind your competitors. Even if you are not certified yet, worry not. It is time to train your staff at an institute recognized by the ministry of health, Malaysia, and become certified.

Why you need a food handling certificate?

Food handling certificate Malaysia helps you meet all the standards of regulations to avoid food contamination. It makes you aware of all the possible ways by which you can ensure safe food preparation, packing, distribution, supply, and storage.

Despite these public benefits, this certification will also help your food industry or business expand, and ultimately you will become the first choice when it comes to eating food.

Gain knowledge and awareness of basic food hygiene practices and say goodbye to all those food-related malpractices that could harm others.

Benefits of food handling certificate Malaysia


The government of Malaysia has made it mandatory for all food handlers to become certified. The reason for this certification is the benefits it brings along.

  • To acknowledge the basic food hygiene ethics to refrain from foodborne diseases and to educate how self-hygiene and food safety are related.
  • To make you attentive of the consequences that come along with negligence of food safety.
  • To polish your staff’s skills to provide the contamination-free service to promote quality of life and train them to opt for proactive actions to avoid foodborne hazards.
  • To ensure hassle-free visits from inspectors
  • To help you get your business to grow as people now prefer to go for certified places.

Complete Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Training is guaranteed.

HACCP training is the best way to ensure the safety of food products and eliminate the risks. Better handling of food will be assured once you become aware of HACCP’s principles and guidelines.

As people put their trust in you, it’s your duty to maintain their faith and provide them with the best services, and once you have skilled staff, you can do justice.

Why choose EduFree Academy?

We use the latest training techniques to help you understand things better to perform your job well. We certify against various internationally-certified standards. Our well-experienced staff enables you to raise your standards, and our approach is unique. Keeping in mind the current scenario of the world, we follow strict SOP.

So, don’t waste any more time and ensure that your food products meet the highest standards. Contact EduFree academy now to get your food business or company certified.