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Food Handling Course Promises Hygiene and Safety

Being familiar with Food Handling rules is a crucial step to prevent the spread of various foodborne diseases. A Food Handler is in contact with food directly or indirectly, and even their slightest negligence can impact millions of people’s health. Appropriate training of Food Handlers is essential.

The Ministry of Health doesn’t care how much people admire your food; they will seal your place if you dont follow the guidelines and you dont have staff certified in Food Handling Course.

The purpose of the food handling course is better food quality and safety. Following are the modules of the course

Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene refers to the collective measures done to avoid the food from any contamination. It ensures the safety of food till it reaches the consumer’s table. Poor hygiene contaminates your food by various microorganisms, leading to food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses.


For food handling, use Adequately cleaned and disinfected tools.  Unpacked food requires special care. Discard packing of food materials immediately after use.

Food contamination and Poisoning

Food contamination can be due to physical, chemical, biological, and environmental issues. Food storage at the proper temperature is essential to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Personal hygiene

Food handlers should be aware of the importance of personal hygiene. In-case of being sick, they should notify their manager and stop working. It should be necessary to wear gloves while handling food items. Wash hands correctly and frequently with an antibacterial soap.

Wear appropriate clothes and cover hair properly through a hairnet or cap. Smoking is not allowed in the area where food is present.

Food Safety system

The training and implementation of HACCP are mandatory, and EduFree Academy teaches well about this system.

HACCP is a critical management system that provides a procedure for managing food safety-related risks. Safety is ensured by analyzing and controlling biological, physical, and chemical hazards that could affect food at any stage till its consumption.

Food Handling Course

The course of food handling at EduFree Academy promises to train the staff with current regulations, according to GMP/GHP. The course will teach staff about all the improper food handling through which food’s quality can be at risk. The training will make them aware of all the food related rules and regulations.

The modern world requires creative solutions for every problem, and EduFree Academy gives creative solutions to avoid food contamination. Altogether, the purpose of the course is to increase customer’s confidence and assure them.

Food handling course is for those linked with food in any way, i.e., its preparation, storage, preservation, packing, sale, distribution, and transfer. Even the staff serving at Hotels, Cafeteria and Resorts should be trained. The purpose of all of this is to lower the risk of contamination and prevent disease spread.

The Ministry of Health Malaysia has now made it mandatory for all food handlers to attend the food handling course. An organization recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia conducts this course. If food handlers don’t attend this course and continue to provide food services, they will be charged with fine and two-year imprisonment.

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Food Handling Course Online 


Edufree is a authorized company by KKM to provide Food Handling Course. You can get your food handling certificate in 3 hours.

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