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Get Your Food Handling Certificate And Revamp Your Business!

In the 21st century, adopting ways to improve quality of life has become the utmost priority. The food industry could become the cause of spreading many food-borne diseases, so it is essential to prevent it by raising awareness. Even the slightest carelessness could go a long way and affect the health of so many people out there.

For this reason, food industries and food organizations in Malaysia have started an approach to improve Food Handling techniques by giving training and awarding certificates.

Encourage Safe Food Handling

It is crucial to educate the staff on all the possible ways and techniques of Food hygiene. The purpose of this is to promote a culture of food safety. If you neglect food safety practices and compromise your food quality, you will ultimately be at a loss. Compromised food quality will ultimately increase the burden on the healthcare system.

Public Acceptance

Having an organization with a certified staff will make you well-reputed, and people will put their trust in you quickly and appreciate you publicly. And it will increase your market price and demand. And in today’s world of great competition, who would want to miss this chance?

Food Handling Certificate at EduFree Academy

Providing the best customer care is a priority of every organization, and it is only possible when you have well-trained certified staff. EduFree Academy offers a range of learning and creative solutions to the food industries. Our Food Hygiene training reduces the chances of food contamination and ensures quality preparations of Food.

We provide the latest guidelines and teach the HACCP management system. This system provides a procedure for food safety-related risk and is crucial for getting a food handling certificate. The factor of social distancing and SOP is followed strictly throughout the course.

The training program is for anyone related to the food business. The purpose of this program is to acknowledge your staff with safety measures so they can improve their skills in handling Food. Professional and certified staff can serve your company and your customers in a better way.

Hassle-Free Visits from Inspectors

Most importantly, if your company has Food Handling Certificate, those unexpected visits from food inspectors won’t be a problem anymore. You need to show them your certificate, and you are good to go!

How To Become A Food Handling Certified Company?

To become a certified and professional Food Handler, all you have to do is get training from an organization approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The program is based on eight modules, as stated by the Ministry of Health. By the end of the Food Handling Certification program, you will be able to

  • Understand malpractices that could risk the quality of Food and cause food-borne illness.
  • Learn ways to ensure premium quality.
  • Maintain food hygiene and safety.

Now, Food Handling Certificate has been made mandatory for all food organizations. You need to get your certificate once, and it will be valid for a lifetime. So, get yourself registered now at our Food handling training program and be a part of Malaysia’s best training service center.