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Why You Need a Food Handling Course in Malaysia

Covid has taken the spotlight for wreaking havoc around the world. It has brought the entire cycle of life in reconsideration of its operation. From the government to the individual level, it has put everyone in a casket of re-evaluation, necessary to stop and lessen its rapid spread from the government to the personal level. As a result, the food industry has been questioned to reflect and play its part in the global endeavor. For this reason, anyone concerned with food has been deemed responsible for food handling courses.

And indeed, food handling courses in Malaysia, too, have been making headlines and earning both public and government support.


First and foremost, all those SOPs highlighted by global health authorities must be followed strictly. Food handling Courses in Malaysia, keeping that in mind, guide the organizations and restaurants on maintaining social distance and washing hands regularly while working in an environment safe from external agents in the form of germs. They provide lectures on the extensive sanitization of machines and the environment.

Being Creative

EduFree Academy’s course focuses on being creative with solutions. For instance, using a simple strategy of dispersing several small packets of ketchup instead of a bottle can massively reduce the number of contacts each person makes. (Applicable when the government chooses to open the restaurants)


Germs can contaminate food to a great extent. While never appearing, they carry the threat of diseases, sometimes fatal. This food handling course in Malaysia offered by EduFree Academy teaches effective and efficient ways to get rid of germs while never affecting the taste of your food.

To Be Safe from Health Inspections

Health inspections can be your worst nightmare. They never bat an eye to your business or how well people have been boasting about your taste. All that concerns them is that if you have managed the health standards required passing the test or not. If yes, Voila. If no, you’re up for a rocky road.

Promoting Health as the Utmost Priority

As someone who deals with food 24/7, you need to acknowledge that your staff’s health is carrying with itself the power to determine the health of million others! Therefore in the case of a report for Covid, this food handling course in Malaysia guides you in your approach in dealing with such a situation, while ensuring that their exposure is limited to the utmost level.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is one of the many management systems that the EduFree Academy teaches. Its importance originates from the fact that it addresses all the modern biological, chemical and physical aspects of food production to ensure a high level of quality.

Pest Control

This food handling course in Malaysia by EduFree Academy knows that pests can carry detrimental effects. From making food unusable to spreading diseases, pests can always keep you on the edge! In fact, it’s widely conceived that the Novel Corona Virus originates from a bat! Therefore, Edu-Free Academy has tailored its course to take care of this by using modern technical solutions.

Food Storage

You never know what happens in the invisible when you have simply stored the massive bulk of your food! In the unseen, bacterias and microscopic agents rule the world! Teaching advanced and high tech food storage solutions is the only way for the Academy to address Food storage concerns.

Personal Hygiene

Guiding you on the essential checks of your staff’s health and hygiene certainly makes the list!

Acknowledging its importance, the food handling course extensively covers personal hygiene aspects, including the measures that your team should take at work and even away from it. This is to make sure that you don’t carry the potential of harming those who you serve.